Purchasing Pebbles

Online- Pebbles in the Post

Pebbles are sold through www.ebay.co.uk and can be found by typing 'the pebble garden personalised pebbles' into the eBay search box. Send an email through eBay or leave a comment in the 'notes to seller' box on paypal specifying what you would like painted on the pebble.

Alternatively, if you would prefer not to use eBay please email me to discuss other options for purchasing pebbles.

eBay Prices
One Pebble- £1.20
Postage- £0.77


The Pebble Garden Stall 

The Pebble Garden sells pebbles from a stall at craft fairs and supermarkets, details of which will be posted on this blog. Pebbles from the stall are painted beforehand with a wide variety of words and pictures. Unfortunately pebbles from the stall cannot be personalised on the spot due to time constraints.

Stall Prices
One pebble- £1.00
Three pebbles- £2.00

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  1. I read your blog Sophie. Your words, and memories of your sister Louise are eloquent and beautiful. To lose a sibling, much less a twin, can't be measured or reasoned. My hope for you is that in time you will see that she is inside of you when you look in a mirror. Your pain is compounded by the simultaneous loss of your father; but in time you will be alright because you were so young when he died. My daughter left behind a seven year old girl, and I see with time she is sadly forgetting her mother, but simultaneously I feel this will serve her in her future so that she will be alright. This at the risk of her forgetting. As a mother, my burden will be not to forget but this too is okay. My wish for all you children is that you will be okay in spite of your pain and grief. Keep finding those pebbles, keep writing for I truly believe Louise is guiding you into the future.

    Sincerely, Barbara Ferren US - mother to Gina Marie Casanova - 1965 - 2008

    Non omnis moriar