Sunday, 2 September 2012

Selling from Supermarkets

On Friday I held another Pebble Garden stall, this time at Tesco in Skipton. Both the store staff and customers were cheerful and enthusiastic, which made the day extremely enjoyable. Lots of people shared their stories with me, and I am so grateful to them for doing so. It is hearing from people who have had similar experiences to me or faced other challenges in life that makes every second worthwhile.

The Pebble Garden did well at Tesco: £148.98 was raised! Most excitingly, this takes the total that has been raised for Winston's Wish in memory of Louise to £1072.75! I still cannot quite believe that we have broken the £1000 mark as this is twice the original target that I set way back in July. Thank you to everyone who has helped in any way, by buying pebbles, putting up gazebos, 'liking' the facebook page or reading this blog. You have made the world of difference and have encouraged me to keep going when it has gotten tough!

My siblings helped by wearing T shirts!
I have now sold pebbles from three different types of venues: a craft fair, a country show and a supermarket. Whilst craft fairs and country shows are similar, different marketing strategies are needed in a supermarket. I am used to lots of people looking at my stall and then persuading them to purchase a pebble. On Friday pretty much everyone who approached the stall wanted a pebble, but many people were in such a rush (I don't blame them- supermarkets are boring!) that they didn't notice The Pebble Garden! This was solved by smiling and saying hello to people as the went by. It was lovely to spend a day just being as happy as possible!

Once again, great big massive thank yous to everyone, together we have built something beautiful in memory of Louise. Not necessarily the funds that we have raised, they are a bonus. The real treasure is the stories that people have told me about themselves. 

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