Friday, 3 August 2012

A Letter from Winston's Wish

Yesterday I received an official thank you letter from Winston's Wish for the money raised by The Pebble Garden at the first three stalls.

I have also decided to post on this blog about my own experiences of bereavement in the hope that it might provide information to enable others to understand or support people going through a similar thing. Also, after Daddy and Louise died I used to feel very alone, despite taking part in projects with other bereaved children. This was because I felt that nobody knew what it felt like to lose their dad and identical twin in the same car accident, as most people there had only lost one close family member. I guess losing two at the same time in traumatic circumstances must be fairly unusual, so I hope that by sharing my experiences it will help others in a similar position to feel as though they are not so alone, even though everyone's situation and the way they experience grief is different.

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