Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wind, Rain and Blow Away Gazebos

The Pebble Garden's stall at Winchcombe Country Show was a success! I sold 216 pebbles and raised £196.30 for Winston's Wish in memory of Louise. For those of you who are interested, the best selling pebble was a Picture Pebble with a rabbit on it. I sold nine of them and will post a photograph soon.

We arrived at Winchcombe at nine am to find Nanny and Pops putting up the gazebo in strong winds. I am very lucky to have grandparents so willing to brave the elements and help, as I would never have got the gazebo up without them. Pops, if you are reading this (probably sitting on the sofa with your ipod!), massive thank you! Due to the weather we also successfully managed to break Uncle Joe's gazebo! One of the legs buckled when the gazebo blew over whilst the guy ropes were being attached. Pops managed to get it to stand up all day, but had to remove one of the legs to get it down again!

Windy weather proved to be a challenge.  It was difficult to concentrate on selling pebbles when I had to keep stopping to chase the posters and organza bags across the field. Despite the miserable weather nearly everyone I met was in good spirits, and so although there were gray skies overhead there was sunshine on the ground. Mr. Weather Man held the rain off until it was time to pack up, at which point everyone and everything got soaked. We all went home sodden, cold, exhausted and happy.

I was looking forward to a couple of days quiet before taking The Pebble Garden to Tesco in Skipton on 31st August. However, we got home on Tuesday evening and began frantically cleaning ready for a house viewing yesterday. So in the past week I have been beaten up on the rides at Thorpe Park, spent eight hours stood outside in the wind and rain and dropped a hoover on my foot (don't ask!). Tomorrow I'm going into the next round: a pebble sale at a supermarket. Bring it on!

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