Saturday, 11 August 2012

Getting Ready for Winchcombe

As I have mentioned previously, The Pebble Garden is going to be at Winchcombe Country Show in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire on 27th August. This is probably the biggest event of the summer for The Pebble Garden, and so we have ordered Pebble Garden T shirts!

Sas models back of shirt!

Having the T shirts makes it feel like we are doing something more significant in Louise's memory, and we can all take part in it as a family. I worry that Dan, my younger brother (who is now taller than me!), has been feeling left out. I hope that having a Pebble Garden T shirt makes him feel more included in The Pebble Garden and remembering Louise. She is his big sister, and he is an essential part of everything I am doing to remember her.

Saskia is very excited because we got her a special, smaller T shirt so that she can wear one, too. I think Sas is sometimes slightly confused by Louise, and how they are related. Louise is Saskia's half sister and died before Sassy was born. I hope The Pebble Garden makes Louise feel more real to Saskia, rather than just being a part of our lives that ended before her's began.

Because I will be stood still all day and Winchcombe Show is outside, I have a Pebble Garden hoody to wear as well so that I don't get cold! It has the same design on as the T shirts.

Winston's Wish have very kindly sent me some literature, posters, balloons and stickers to use at The Pebble Garden stall. These will be brilliant for decorating the stall and Uncle Joe's gazebo, which I am borrowing for the afternoon! 

Massive thank you to Mum for allowing me to order T shirts, my family for agreeing to wear them and Winston's Wish for sending me the literature so promptly!

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