Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fingers Crossed

At the moment it is half past six in the morning and I am sat in The Amberley Inn. Today is the day of the Winchcombe Country Show, and I am extremely nervous!

I am very used to having a stall in Skipton Craft Fair, but somehow this is different. More things could go wrong, for a start. I have to take my own gazebo, tables, lighting and everything else; it is a good job that my family are so happy to help. Massive thank you in particular to Nanny and Pops who are getting up early to errect the gazebo! Also, it is a completely different market. Whilst I have never been to Winchcombe Country Show before, I am anticipating more children. I'm taking lots of picture pebbles with animals on, as they always seem to be popular!

The main person that I need to like my pebbles, though, is Mr. Weather Man. Apparently the forecast is for heavy wind and rain. I desperately need that to be wrong!

Now it is time to go and get ready, but my biggest challenge of the day will be using the shower with my fingers crossed!

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