Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Beauty of Life Lives on

On Monday The Pebble Garden raised £136.81 for Winston's Wish in memory of Louise. This takes the total to £594, which smashes the target of £100 for each of the five years of Louise's life! However, I plan to continue fundraising until the end of the summer, including at Winchcombe Country Show in Gloucestershire.

Nana with Dan
The Pebble Garden had a special visitor on Monday- Nana May! Nana is my paternal grandmother, and her visits have always been eagerly anticipated. When we were little and lived in London she used to come and stay, and in the mornings we climbed into bed with her and she told us stories. All three of us loved books, but our favorites were Billy Bluebell stories, which Nana created herself. They featured a little elf called Billy Bluebell who lived at the bottom of our garden and went on adventures with his friends Mr. Wolf, Mr. Squirrel, and the fairy queen.

It was really lovely having Nana at the stall, so wonderful to share it with someone who features so prominently in happy memories of Louise. Nana bought pebbles for her siblings and her garden, as well as pebbles with 'Michael' and 'Louise' on in memory of them.
Nana at the stall with Sas, me and a slightly bigger Dan!
 The Pebble Garden isn't over yet, just like Louise's life shouldn't be, either. Please never forget that she will always be mine and Dan's sister. I will always be an identical twin. No matter how much time passes, always remember that even though her life was tragically short, it is no less beautiful because of it.


  1. I so wish Nana had a computer! You'll have to send her a copy of this page to go with the other pages you have printed for her